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I’ve been developing Daylilies in the Portland, Oregon region for more than 24 years and started my hybridizing procedure in 1996.

I ensure newly burrowed plants, state assessed. I send twofold fans or better aside from on current presentations. Every one of the plants I offer have the strength conferred by being field developed. Despite the fact that Portland is a mellow zone 7, we do have some virus winters, so plants that do well here will for the most part do well all through the greater part of the U.S.

My essential hybridizing objective is to make plants that are great greenhouse entertainers – vivacious, cold tough, ailment safe, great plant propensities and heaps of sprouts that open well. Keeping that in mind, I have been taking a shot at conservative plants with foliage that looks great even after the primary blossom that keep on sprouting until ice. My auxiliary objective is to make remarkable plants – either in bloom structure, blossom shading, plant size, or foliage shading. A portion of my seedlings have variegated abandons, some have striped blooms, and some have exceptional pale blue tones.

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