Tips for Gardening With Daylillies

Daylillies are such beautiful and colorful flowers! They can make such a great edition to any garden with the large variety of colors they are available in. They are also very easy to plant and take care of. There are a few things that you need to know about putting daylillies in your garden so you can make sure you have the most beautiful garden on the block.

Soil Choice

One of the most important things for you to know about is the soil where you live. I live in the south, so it’s still real hot moving into the early fall months. This means the soil is still really warm and it can destroy the roots of these beautiful flowers. If you’re in the south like me, you are going to wait a little longer before planting, that way you get good strong roots on your plants.


Watering your plants is also very important. Especially with daylillies, you want to make sure that you water them right after you plant them. This will make sure that the roots take hold and come springtime you’ll be able to fertilize them and watch the color come to life right before your eyes.

Root Preparation

You also have to remember to make sure the roots are ready for them to be planted. Most of the time if you soak the roots in water for an hour or two before planting, you should be perfectly fine. Also, before you plant them, make sure the roots are in a cool and dry place. This will insure that when you plant them, they will be ready to spread out and be strong.

Color Choices

Know what color you have before you plant. While many times daylillies will grow in most any amount of light, you will want to make sure that you keep more pale varieties with more shade. Brighter varieties can handle more sun than paler shades. All daylillies need to get a little bit of shade. It is of course perfectly fine to plant the bright colors and pale colors together in the more shady places. You’ll get a beautiful color pop exactly where you need it.

Hole for Planting

The hole you make for your plant is also important. A cone shaped hole that is about a foot deep should be perfect for most roots. They need to be between 19 and 24 inches apart so there is plenty of room for the roots to spread out. Also, don’t just drop it in the hole, make sure you spread the roots out well to insure they get in nice and deep.

Also, make sure you cover the crown of the plant. This is the place where the leaves of the plant meets the tops of the roots. This should be covered in soil, but not pressed down too heavily. Tamping the dirt down too tight can make it where the roots can’t move and therefore can’t get the nutrition they need to grow.

That is pretty much all you need to know about daylillies. Just make sure that you fertilize them well every spring and you will have some of the most beautiful flowers out there without putting a whole lot of effort into their growth!